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Project Description
The goal of SVNManagerLib is to create a kernel type library that can be used by .NET Web Services, Remoting, and ASP.NET for remotely administering Subversion repositories and users. This only supports files for svnserve as a NT Service or *nix Daemon.

What can it do?

ok_16x16.gif Create and Delete Repositories
ok_16x16.gif Create and Delete Directories
ok_16x16.gif Create and Delete Users
ok_16x16.gif Create Dump Files
ok_16x16.gif Create Hot Copies
ok_16x16.gif Manage access to repositories
ok_16x16.gif Enumerate Realms rednew.gif
ok_16x16.gif Manage Global Configuration File rednew.gif

MonoLogo.gif Mono/Linux Tested with Mono 2.0, MonoDevelop 1.0, and Suse 11

Application.gif Applications that use SVNManagerLib

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